Are you thinking about selling your home in Victoria, British Columbia? Demand for properties is high, and market conditions favor the seller. Homeowners will often be able to sell their home quickly, and at a good price. However, in this very competitive market, it is a wise decision to invest in the right real estate agent for your needs. With the help of an agent, along with a few updates to your home, you may be able to get significantly more for your home than you would otherwise.

New Condo for Sale in Escher Building, Victoria

New Condo for Sale in Escher Building, Victoria | Image Provided by VREB

What to Consider

To get the most for your home for sale in Victoria, you’ll want to invest some time in making sure your home is as competitive as possible. That means doing a few simple things to make a big difference:

• Invest in handling any concerns with repairs. If the home would come back with inspection violations, making those upgrades now is very important. The homes with the most offers are those updated.

• Avoid overspending on renovations and upgrades. Many of today’s buyers want to be able to make their own updates. Keep things as neutral as possible.

• Be sure to price the property right. This does not mean pricing it at the highest point in the market range. Rather, to create interest in your property, price it slightly lower. You’ll get more bids if more people are looking at the property.

• Make it as move-in friendly as possible. Reduce the number of requirements for buyers. Give them a lot of freedom to set the contract terms.

• Market your home well. Do this alongside the help of your local real estate agent.

Selling a home in British Columbia can mean potential competitive bids and a significant sale price. Yet, it is important to ensure your home can compete on the market. With the right marketing and a few efforts at home, you can make that possible. Contact Kerry Davies today to discuss your Victoria real estate goals.