Kerry Davies, a REALTOR® You Should Get to Know!

Did you know that Kerry…..

….was born and raised in Victoria (3rd generation) and is married to Carla (since 1988). They have two sons Luke (31) and Tom (27).

….graduated from Mt. Douglas High School (class of 74) and the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) in Television Production (Class of 79)….studied the general marketing philosophies of street-smart marketing geniuses Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer and real estate marketing under Terry Honnefeld, Josh Schoenly (Retechulous) and completed Floyd Wickman’s Sweathogs course, North Americas #1 real estate training program.

….bought his first house at 19…played soccer in England…worked at CHEK Television for 8 years…visited Gandhi’s home in Bombay…a bullfight in Madrid and drank beer at the Munich Oktoberfest (twice). Kerry has broke par in golf…was a bouncer in a nightclub…a professional negotiator for 8 ½ years…his Mom was the “May Queen” and his Dad is a member of the Victoria Sports Hall of Fame (1955 Shamrock’s Lacrosse).

….owned a 60-unit apartment building in Chetwynd…a T-shirt printing company and sold encyclopedia’s in London, England. Kerry can play the guitar (sort of)…loves real estate (always has)…has beach farmed in Casablanca…watched a 1994 World Cup soccer game in Boston…1975 European Cup finals in Paris and witnessed the famous 1960’s San Francisco peace march (not by design). Kerry has eaten lobster in Nova Scotia…prawns in Thailand…pizza in Italy and a pork chop at the Grand Canyon.

…he once bought a house using credit cards…a condo with a $1.00 down and had a House Mover accidentally drop and destroy one of his houses and, oh yes…Kerry has been a licensed REALTOR since October 1995!

As you can see, Kerry can find something in common with anyone he meets. You are assured your real estate needs will be met with understanding and professionalism!